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2021:  Dan Dunlap, $1,000

2022:  Dan Dunlap, $1,000

2022:  Fonda Dunlap, $1,000

2022:  David Dunlap, $1,000

2022: Tyler & Caro Dunlap, $500

2022:  Ron & Jean Smith, $1,000

2022:  Cybele Sprayberry, $100

2022:  Lori Babcock-Wargo, $100

2022:  Jeb and Michele Brost, $500

2022:  Paul & Katherine Harvey, $200

2022:  Russell George, $250

2022:  Anonymous Donor, $100

2022:  Kris Schauermann, $1,000

2022:  June Judkins, Connie Skinner and Trevor Judkins, $120

2022:  Eric Anderson, $350

2022:  Cindy Skinner, $150

2023:  Dan & Fonda Dunlap, $1,000

2023:  Eric Anderson, $400

2023:  Jeb & Michelle Brost, $500

2023:  Tom Kucel, $250

2023:  Ron & Jean Smith, $1,000

2023:  Kris Schauermann, $1,000

2023:  Cybele Sprayberry, $50

2023:  Richard & Dana Coller, $1,000

2023:  Tyler & Caro Dunlap, $1,000

2024:  Dan & Fonda Dunlap, $1,000

2024:  Ron & Jean Smith, $1,000

2024:  Kris Schauermann, $1,000

2024:  Cybele Sprayberry, $100

2024:  Dean and Jan Hubbell, $500

2024:  Eric Anderson, $500

2024:  Paul & Katherine Harvey, $200

2024:  Cindy Skinner, $100

2024:  Tyler & Caro Dunlap, $750

2024:  Anonymous Donor, $2,500

2024:  Tom Kucel, $250

2024:  Jeb & Michelle Brost, $200

2024:  Tina Talmadge, $500

2024:  Rich and Dale Lewis, $100



2021:  Luis Molina Najera was the inaugural scholarship recipient from the Foundation, receiving a $1,000 award. Luis played soccer at RHS all 4 years and was the clear senior leader on the team. He is a young man of the highest character and graduates with a GPA of 3.5. Luis is continuing his education and playing soccer in 2022 at Western Nebraska Community College.



2022:  The Foundation awarded two scholarships for the 2022-2023 school year, each in the amount of $2,500.  Many thanks to our generous donors for making this possible.  The two successful applicants were very well suited for our awards and their families are much appreciative of the help.  Both recipients will be the first in their families to attend post-secondary education and their financial needs are significant.  


Abigayl Venzor will be attending Colorado State University in the fall to study Interior Design and will also work toward securing a real estate license.  Her ultimate goal is to have her own design business.  She played soccer on the Lady Bears team during her high school career and also managed the boys’ football and soccer teams.  Descended from Mexican immigrants, Abi speaks Spanish and English fluently, with the main language spoken in her home being Spanish.  She graduates with a 3.5 grade point average and was a member of the Principal’s Council.






Daniel Carreon also graduates with a 3.5 gpa and will be studying engineering at Colorado Mountain College this fall.  He is undecided whether to specialize in mechanical or civil engineering.  Danny has been very active in sports at RHS, with soccer, cross country, basketball, and track.  He received varsity letters for these sports and also received an academic letter. He worked for the City of Rifle where he officiated baseball games, softball games, and youth basketball.  Danny is also fluently bilingual, and Spanish is the primary language spoken in his home.



2023:  The Foundation awarded three scholarships for the 2023-2024 school year, two in the amount of $2,500 and one of $1,000.  Many thanks to our generous donors for making this possible.  Again this year, the successful applicants were very well suited for our awards and their families are much appreciative of the help. 

Fernando Lopez graduates RHS with a 3.855 GPA and achieved academic letters in his freshman and junior years.  Speaking both Spanish and English fluently, he prefers English though Spanish is the language of choice in his home.  He will attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins pursuing a degree in Pathology.  A particularly daunting education choice, he will rely on his strongest traits, perseverance and the ability to commit to anything he is passionate about. 


Kevin Medina earned four varsity letters during his time at Rifle High School, both academically and sports-related.  Spanish is also the language spoken in Kevin's home and he is fluent in both Spanish and English in addition to working to become fluent in Italian as well.  Kevin will be the first in his family to pursue secondary education after high school.  He will attend Colorado Mountain College's Spring Valley campus in Glenwood Springs and will pursue a Bachelor's Degree in the critical field of nursing.  His intent is to work primarily in the Emergency Department.



Orlando Leon enjoyed soccer and baseball at RHS and worked as much as possible to help his family's finances, especially to help his older brother who is also pursuing secondary education.  Also bilingual, Orlando's family speaks mostly Spanish at home.  He achieved a Basic Welding and Cutting and Welding Fabrication certificate while attending RHS and will finish his education by adding a Pipe Welding cerfication from Colorado Mountain College in Rifle.  His goal is to enter the workforce as soon as possible, and the Foundation is pleased to help him and his family by paying his tuition to help him achieve his goal.

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